Thailand: Part 1

Sawadika! (Hello!)

I know some of you are going to be visiting Thailand in the near future (and if you’re not, you so¬†should!), so I figured I better lock-it-up and get this honeymoon post completed!

I had to break it into two parts, because there is just too much for one post and you will probably fall asleep reading if this gets much longer ūüôā

My amazing husband surprised me with a limo to the airport, so we decided to pop open this special bottle of champagne for the ride:


It was given to us by our good friends Beth and Kalen as a housewarming gift when we first moved to Cali over a year ago. Talk about willpower! By the time we arrived at LAX we were ready for the 14(?) hour flight!

Let me preface this by saying the plane ride is excruciatingly long…so a bottle of champs and a ride to the airport is a must. I watched 7 movies and read two books cover-to-cover on the flight (btw, thanks to everyone who gave me book recommendations! Ya’ll are the BEST!). Make sure you bring along something to do in case you get sick of movies, and wear super comfy clothes. Maybe even bring some snacks. I will share with you my traveling essentials in a later post because I have recently discovered some great ones!

In typical Lauren fashion, I was panicking upon landing because the weather forecast predicted bad weather for our ENTIRE TRIP.

As you may remember from this post, we decided to book our honeymoon during September (Thailand’s rainy season) because the prices were appealing. I read tons of reviews reassuring the thrifty traveler that this would not be an issue because sporadic showers and an occasional 20 minute thunderstorm would be all we’d encounter.¬†

Everything was still beautiful, but boy did it downpour that first night!

Before I get started on all the fun things there are to do Phuket, let me give you a tour of our resort. We stayed at The Shore at Katathani Phuket. When you arrive, it looks like this:


We checked in, and then since the resort is on a steep hillside, were¬†driven to our villa in a golf cart by one of the awesomely fun resort employees¬†(shout out to Palm and Beer if you are reading this!). We stayed in suite 8842. I would highly recommend this suite because it has an amazing view (which all the villas have), was high up on the hill, and very private. If you’re not one for climbing stairs I would suggest something near the bottom, but this was not really an issue for us. The villa was spectacular…these pictures just don’t do it justice!


The whole wall facing the ocean is a sliding glass door.


Everything is gorgeous…but this bathroom, though!





Off the bathroom is a patio with a private infinity pool and a little alcove for relaxing…heavenly.


From the second we stepped in (pretty much) we started googling how much it would cost us to just rent one of these villas for the rest of our lives.

(Conclusion: we would both probably have to win the lottery. Twice.)

After the initial shock of landing in heaven, we ventured out for sustenance:



and then food ūüėČ


Our favorite restaurant was one that I had read about online before planning the trip. It’s called Mom Tri’s Kitchen at Villa Royale, and you must go there. I demand you! It ended up being a short 5 minute walk from the grounds of our resort, which we did not even plan! Mom Tri’s is¬†a bit more pricey than most other restaurants in the area, but you get what you pay for and the views are spectacular. They also have Jazz night twice a week, and Parker loves him some jazz so of course we attended that.



To get there you have to trek up an ancient staircase that winds along the oceanside.


I am not joking with this view.


Just keeps gettin’ better…


and then finally you’ll see this through the trees:


and you’re there!


You need to order the ahi tuna and salmon appetizer because you will never have anything better in your life. This was our view during lunch:


We elected to dine outside for our first visit, but the inside of the restaurant isn’t too shabby either:


Us at Jazz Night:


About 90% of our trip was spent eating/lazing around. The other 10% we tried to be active and go on mini adventures. My favorite part of the entire trip had to be elephant trekking. There are several places to do this in Phuket, but the one you wanna go to is called Siam Safari. The staff here is amazing and they treat the animals very well, which was important to us when choosing a tour to go on.




Another fun adventure, especially if you are a religion or history buff, is visiting Big Buddah and the Wat Chalong Temples.



The temples are truly incredible, and if we could do it again we would have spent more time exploring them.



We hired a tour guide but he didn’t know too much about the history of the temples so I would highly recommend researching legit temple-tour-guides if this is something that peaks your interest. We were sad that we didn’t get to learn much about them.

But they sure were mighty pretty!






On your way to and from the temples there’s a breathtaking viewpoint, so we took an obligatory pic there:


Somebody forgot to SMILE!!! He’s cute, so it’s fine.

One night, we grabbed a tuk tuk (taxi) and braved the night market. In all honesty, we hated it. But it was an experience, so no regrets! It was PACKED with people! The air in the market is so thick with smoke from all of the cooking oils and (goodness knows what else) that you can barely breath in there. We were super intrigued by all of the different types of food that they had on display, and it was cool to see but we were a bit cautious to try anything other than some potato french fry thingie on a stick (which I ate too fast to get a pic of…oops!).


Pretty much everywhere you go, there are tiny¬†houses or temples that are mounted on pillars called¬†spirit houses, and they are placed in front of businesses and homes to¬†provide shelter for spirits. At first we assumed these were Buddhist shrines, or shrines to Buddah, but soon found out that this tradition is rooted in animism. This blog post I found does a great job of¬†explaining this tradition, and also answering our¬†question of “What’s with the Red Fanta?”

This large offering of Red Fanta was at the market:


Out of alllllll the wonderful things to buy at the Thai market, I left with these mini French macarons ūüôā


Go figure.

To be continued…

Part 2 coming soon!