Large DIY Chalkboard

 I have been OBSESSED with finding a ginormous framed chalkboard for our dining room ever since seeing this picture on Pinterest:

french country cottage

 It has seriously been over 1 year…1 YEAR…since I got this idea in my head. My main problem wasn’t finding the board, but finding it for the price I wanted to pay (as they are all a bagillion dollars….for the life of me I can’t figure out why).

This project is affordable, fun, and easy.

Supplies you will need:

1 Large slab of masonite (Lowe’s will cut this for you. It comes to about $8) I had mine cut down to 3ftx5ft but I would have done 4ftx6ft if I could have fit all that in my car.

1 Quart of chalkboard paint (I had some on hand and still have plenty left after many chalk projects) $9.99

Paintbrush or roller


Hot glue


Fun color of spray paint or paint (optional)

Drill with screws

Miter box (you don’t need this, but it makes things easier)

An extra hand (or 2) for hanging the board (I usually skip this part and try to do everything myself, but my amazing in-laws were in town and made everything so much easier!)

Step One:

Paint one side of the board with 4 coats (or more if needed) of chalkboard paint, allowing time to dry in between each coat.


While your  paint is drying, you can paint your molding the color of your choice. I’m super cheap, so I used an old can of Champagne Nouveau spray paint and lightly dusted an uneven coating over the molding. I wanted an antiqued/aged look, so it didn’t have to be perfect.


Step Two:

After board is completely dry…aka 3 episodes of The Walking Dead or Gossip Girl (depending on current mood) on Netflix…sand top coat lightly. I also sanded down my molding to complete the antiqued look. You can’t really tell in the pics but I promise you it is noticeable in person.



Step Three:

This is by far the hardest part…and I usually skip it but this time I held fast: wait THREE DAYS for board to cure.

Step Four:

Hang board (with help if needed). You don’t have to worry about what the screws look like as long as you keep them as close to the edge of the board as possible. You’re going to be covering that part up with the molding anyway.

Step Five:

Cut molding into 4 pieces to make frame. My father-in-law did this part, as I was banned from utilizing sharp apparatuses for accidentally slicing my hand open with a bread knife while making wine cork place card holders for Thanksgiving (which turned out real cute, I might add! Don’t even get me started on how ridiculously expensive place card holders are!).

 Step Six:

Once cut, you can attach the molding to the board in a number of ways. We chose hot glue, due to it’s simplicity and just the fact that it really works well. The guy at Lowe’s was super interested in my chalkboard project and gave me some additional recommendations though. You can use nails without a head and simply just nail the molding on, or attach it using some other form of glue.

Step Seven:

This is the fun part! Now that your board is cured, take a piece of good ole’ regular chalk and color the WHOLE THING! Erase. Now it is ready to write on! Congrats! I also decided to decorate mine with some garland that I found at Hobby Lobby (half off, of course), and then I jotted down our Thanksgiving menu:




I was able to complete this project for under $20, because I had a lot of the items needed already, but even if you don’t you will still save a ton of money with this DIY as opposed to buying a large chalkboard at PB.

I realize this chalkboard is not nearly as grand as the Pinterest pic I modeled it after, but it’s a start! I plan on adding ginormous wall sconces to each side for grandeur…I will add that pic to this post when completed.

{Note: I have attempted to add these myself, but apparently there is metal behind this wall, and now also a large hole that I made with my(husbands) power tools. I will find a way!!}

We had a lovely first Thanksgiving in our home with friends and family and can’t wait to celebrate Christmas! Even little Olive enjoyed some turkey:


Hope ya’ll are having a wonderful holiday season!