Pretty Lil’ Things

Our guest room is still a work in progress (eh, and so is the rest of the house, what am I saying)…I’m constantly moving things around in here and adding new junk. So far, I have a paint color and bedspread that are staying put. We have yet to add closet doors to the mix (which is why I cannot do a full room pic yet…you will freak out) but of course I already have pretty pillows and decorations hanging on the walls…priorities.  Even though it’s not totally finished, I thought I’d share some on here:IMG_4535

The vanity (that my momma bought for me) is from a cute little store in Jacksonville Beach, Fl, that is sadly no more (I think). It was called “Ooh La La Laurette.”  (If I am mistaken, someone please let me know! I love love LOVEDDDD her stuff!) However, if I remember correctly, Laurette still sells her stuff in a furniture consignment shop right next door to her old shop, “Cottage by the Sea.” If y’all are in the Jacksonville area, it’s definitely worth checking out. The little vanity chair is from Home Goods and they offer many different options.


I believe I found these little apothecary jars at Hobby Lobby and Home Goods.


The hanging hand mirrors and metal laurel leaf wreath are from Hobby Lobby as well.


Baskets from Ross Dress for Less (yes, they have more than clothes!). This comforter totally needs to be steamed/ironed, but I promise it’s super cute. It’s part of the Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s collection. The really pretty rectangular beaded pillow is from Home Goods.


And now, for a secret I rarely share with anyone…the two little square, beaded pillows are from….Burlington Coat Factory. Gasp! They were $7 a piece…and in perfect condition. I found the cute little vintage lamp in the corner at my favorite antique shop in Jacksonville, Sugar Bear, and I believe that’s where my mom found this side table as well.


This headboard was a quick DIY project, I just used some spray paint to give it the look I was going for.


Next I’m looking for something to hang over the headboard. I also want to add some type of a bench or storage at the foot of the bed, and add a pop of color with some homemade curtains. I’ll keep y’all posted on the progress. Let me know if you have any great ideas for a guest room! Thrift on!