How to Name Your Blog

Ok, I am by no means a professional blog namer, but I would like to share with y’all my quick little blog-naming method. The Thrifty Mermaid is not my first rodeo, I used to have a travel blog called Lauren in Wanderland. I’m not in Wanderland anymore, I’ve settled down a bit, with this cutie:


But that’s besides the point. When my bestie, Danielle, came to me and told me she wanted to start her own blog, I was super thrilled because 1. She’s hilarious and brilliant and 2. I really miss her and want to hear/read all about her life. She lives by the beach in North Carolina with her sweet, southern hubby and their two precious pups. The only thing was she needed help coming up with a name. I mean, even if you have 200 ideas for great posts, you can’t get started until you come up with the name! It can get pretty frustrating and it’s a lot of pressure because you’ll be stuck with this name FOREVER! Um, unless you change it, of course 🙂

So this brings me to my totally fool-proof method of blog-naming. It’s super profesh, and trust-worthy. Here it is:


You just grab a piece of paper, write down all words that come to mind that you want to express in your blog, and then you wait. I texted this pic to Danielle, sipped on some coffee, and stared at this and waited for words to pop out. We brainstormed back and forth, and finalllllllllllyyyy….within, like, 20 minutes…Coastal Corner Office was born! It’s that simple. I’ve tried using all of the name-your-blog generators and stuff out there, but they always spit out something cheesy and boring (I’m not saying The Thrifty Mermaid isn’t cheesy…it’s pretty cheesy but I like it 🙂 ) This method just works.

Danielle, her husband Chad, and their 2 pups Cannoli & Vita

Danielle, her husband Chad, and their 2 pups Cannoli & Vita

You can check out Danielle’s blog here. It’s all about beach life, working remotely, her 2 sweet pups, and life as a newlywed! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Also, I know that a lot of people out there use Bloglovin’ to read their daily blog posts, so you can find The Thrifty Mermaid on Bloglovin’ here. They used to have a button for WordPress blogs, but it is no longer compatible with the site (or so I’m told by the email I received). If you do not already have Bloglovin’, I would highly suggest subscribing! It makes it a cinch to read all of your favorite blog posts, all on one feed! You can sign up here. 

Thanks for reading this silly little post! If it helps at least one person out there name their blog, then it was worth it! I’d love to hear in the comments below if you have any tips or tricks for blog-naming! Thrift on!


DIY Herb Garden

As promised, here’s my quick instructional for a diy herb garden:

First, find an old bucket, barrel, tub, planter, or something totally off the wall that you can put a plant in. I chose an ice bucket with a stand that was really cute but just did not fit in with our color scheme.


If you don’t have anything, no worries! You can hit up a flea market or garage sale on the weekend and I guarantee you’ll find something interesting!

The first thing I did was drill some holes in the bottom (if it already has drainage, you’re one step ahead). I learned this important step from previous failures :/

Next, I chose my spray paint colors. I spray painted the stand with Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze, and used Rust-Oleum Flat Metallic Antique Nickel for the bucket. When doing this, choose an area with good air circulation…or else you may pass out. I always spray paint in my backyard or if it’s windy in my garage with the garage door open. I try to cover the floor with cardboard or trash bags…but I’m still in big trouble from the hubby for the layer of gold paint film in my surrounding spray area.


Next thing I did was use my handy dandy chalkboard paint to make a little square in the middle of the bucket, like so. You can make any shape you’d like, though! Get creative! I used Rust-Oleum Specialty Flat Black Chalkboard Paint and an old, cheap, paint brush. I did 3 coats of the paint, letting each one dry for a few minutes before adding the next.

After this is COMPLETELY dry, you can start adding your dirt and herbs. I just went to my fave store, The Home Depot, and bought some Miracle Gro and 5 different herbs that I actually use in my cooking.


I just happened to have these little chalkboard plant-markers, so I used a chalkboard pen to write on the front of the bucket and the markers to identify each herb (incase i lose my sense of smell, then I will know which is which! I know, so smart). I wouldn’t recommend using plain chalk, because when watering the herbs it will wash right off and you will have to keep writing down the names over, and over, and over…

Anyways, that’s it! Simple! Here’s the before and after:


I’d love to see your own personal diy herb garden projects! You can tag me in them on Instagram @thethriftymermaid or share on here! Thrift on!