Hi, I’m Lauren, a twenty-something military wife, livin’ the dream here on the west coast.

12 things about me:

1) I’m quite shy when I first meet someone, but am also the type of person that will move to another country alone…with only 48 hours to decide.

2) My favorite place to spend money is the flea market. My second favorite place is Louis Vuitton. What can I say? I’m an extremist :/

3) At my old job I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup or nail polish, and I am slightly obsessed with it now (especially lipstick, I just can’t stop).

4) My dogs name is Olive, because when we first got her, her cute little bobble-head looked like an olive.

5) I like to narrate for animals…my husband secretly loves this and I think it’s why he married me.

6) Coffee. Jeden Tag.

7) “Jeden Tag” is German, I also speak a little German because I lived in Germany for 2 years.

8) My favorite TV show of all time is Dawson’s Creek, but I must say The Walking Dead is a close second.

9) I make my bed right before I go to sleep…I just can’t sleep if the covers are messed up but I can’t seem to get motivated to make it in the morning!

10) The beach is my favorite place in the world.

11) I love writing, drawing, and any kind of DIY project.

12) …this is my lucky number!

Now that ya’ll know so much about me, I’d love to hear 12 things (or however many) about you! Thrift on!


Thrift on!

xoxo, Laur ❤


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