T Minus 3 Days

Our honeymoon week is finally here! Unlike the typical couple, Parker and I waited a year to go on our honeymoon because two days after our wedding we had to pack up and drive cross-country to Cali. But….the wait is OVER! 


And frankly, I can’t wait! I have had my suitcase 95% packed for about two weeks now, which is not typical of me. Usually I wait until the night before a trip to pack. I think this just goes to show how excited I am for this adventure!

We will be spending about a week in Phuket, Thailand,

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

and then heading to Hong Kong to explore for a few days.

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

So…even though this is our honeymoon and we are going to pamper ourselves, I couldn’t help but get a few little deals in. It’s currently rainy season in Thailand this month! Hopefully that doesn’t interfere with our trip tooo much, but being as thrifty as I am we just couldn’t pass up the rates for the hotel we found (it. is. FABULOUS.)! I did a lot of research on when to travel and where, read countless blogs about visiting this part of the world durning September, and concluded it would be totally fine. We may get caught in afternoon showers but oh well…YOLO! For Hong Kong, we had a ton of hotel points from our cross-country trip last year/ from living in a hotel for the first few months we were in Cali…so that was a definite bonus (honeymoons are $$$). I can’t wait to share pictures with ya’ll when we return, but for now you can follow our journey on Instagram @thethriftymermaid 🙂

Thanks for reading! xoxo


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