London: Tips for Your Trip

So one of my close friends just left for a European adventure last night with her boo.  She asked me for some suggestions on where to eat, what to see, and so on…and I thought why not just make a post about it? It’s easy to link stuff, and this way I could also post pictures to make it even better!

First up: London


I’ve been to London twice: once for studying abroad, and then for a long weekend with Parker during his R&R a couple years ago. Both times were amazing, although very different. This could be due to the fact I was a wild college student who actually went out at night the first time. With Parker…well, all we cared about was food, history (on his part), ummmm, and food. Actually this is a lie, I also was hoping to see Prince William. That was definitely #1 on the list both times. Anyways, I can’t even remember all the places I went out at night when I studied abroad. Not because I was partying too hard!! Who do you take me for?! It was just so long ago I’m sure the hip spots have changed. Anyways, food:


The Fox & Anchor. This is near Smithfield Market, and it’s a historic British Pub. Get the chips….they are so good I get fat looking at them. The owner is super welcoming, too. We actually stayed here on our visit and the rooms are spectacular!

IMG_3151Learn more on their website.

Right across the street from here is a cute bar called Be at One Cocktail Bar. IMG_3158They have some silly cocktails and a good selection of beer…stop in and relax with a happy hour drink!


They have several locations in London.

If you’re feeling daring, for dinner go to La Bodega Negra.


Ok, so this is not what it seems! Just call and make a reservation and show up at the address…it’s a secret restaurant. We loved the food (and margaritas 😉) here. It is worth the trip outside of your comfort zone, and no, it’s not a sex shop, I promise you.

The Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace is a must see!


This happens every odd numbered day during August. Days vary depending on the month you visit, so check out their website for more info. It’s always crowded, so grab a coffee and try to arrive early!

This is a surprise to most, but Florida State University has a campus in London! Obviously, only true Noles would want to see this, but I have to leave this here for the happy couple because I know they love their school!


The address is:

Florida State University, 99 Great Russell St, London WC1B 3LH, United Kingdom

The campus is super close to the British Museum, so grab a street hotdog and stop in! If museums aren’t for you but you wanna do something cultural, I highly recommend seeing a play in Shakespere’s Globe Theatre.

IMG_3182Seriously guys, you’ll get goosebumps just walking in. And the plays are interactive! The actors try to recreate what it was really like back in the day. When I went there were no microphones, no artificial lighting, and a light rain was falling into the open arena onto the crowd. It was surreal.

If you do end up going out at night, there are some really cool places on yelp. I wish I could remember all the places I went, but I’m old and my memory is fading! I do have one tip for dudes: at night, urinals pop out of the ground! Sorry ladies, you’ll still have to find a restroom somewhere 😁

Anywayssss…hope you’re having fun, Lindz!! Amsterdam and Barcelona coming tomorrow and Tuesday! I love you!


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