The Mermaid Desk

If you follow me on Instagram, a long while ago I posted a picture that looked like this:


…and then never mentioned it again. It just totally slipped my mind to do a before and after of my desk, but I’m doin’ it now! I haven’t really had an actual desk in years. My previous one was super tiny and right now is being used in our bedroom as a small T.V. stand. It’s really cute, there’s just no place to put anything on it! So, I began my search for something a bit larger. I looked through about 3 million pictures on Pinterest to give me some ideas, and then of course fell in love with desks that were way beyond my meager budget. I turned to my trusty friend, Craigslist, and became obsessed with finding something on there. I had previously lucked out by finding these 4 barstools for $5 a piece and gave them this makeover:


But the desk…it was a bit tougher to find, because every time I found one I loved, someone had already snagged it. Finally, I came across this plain ole’ Ikea model that was listed for $65:


I talked the guy down to $40 (which was still $20 over what I wanted to pay, but by this point I would have taken anything) and we went to pick it up in Parker’s truck. Rule #1 about Craigslist, folks! Don’t go pickin’ up stuff alone!!! Buddy system! Rule #2: do not lose hope! You will find what you want, eventually 🙂 I always use Live Love DIY‘s Craigslist tips and tricks to help me out when searching for what I want, and they never fail me!

Anyway, this is how my little desk started out. I love, love, LOVE this desk makeover from Love Grows Wild and chose to go with this light mint green color. I picked out the sample card, Olympic’s “Sweet Pea,” from Lowe’s, waited for more than 15 minutes without receiving any help or service, then took the sample to my local Home Depot where they mixed it and had me out the door in less than 5 minutes. Just sayin’.

I didn’t sand the desk or anything, I just gave it two coats of some leftover primer I had laying around and let that dry. Then I used a paint brush to do 3 coats of the mint green. I still have yet to seal it and probably never will, but it’s holding up fine for now.

*sorry for the photo quality (or lack thereof). I still don’t have a real camera!


I then added a cute little knob from Hobby Lobby that reminds me of something Ariel (the mermaid) would find in her little cave of “whozits and whatzits galore.”  Then I laid out all of my little “thIngamabobs,” crammed my computer in the center, and wahlah! Mermaid desk.





Im going through some major separation anxiety living this far from the ocean, so to make me a happy wife, Parker took me on a day-date to Laguna Beach this past Monday. No, I didn’t have any real housewives sightings, or run into  Ste-Vennn (sorry Ali and Chelcie P!) , but we still had a grand ole’ time!




Hope y’all are having a lovely day/night…wherever in the world you are! Thrift on!


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