The Gym Diaries

I loathe the gym. Seriously, I hate walking into it. Once I’m on the treadmill running, I’m absolutely fine, though. Back when I lived near the ocean, I was able to avoid the gym because I had the whole entire beach in my backyard to run on. It was fab! Not a care in the world! I’d wake up and just throw on my old running shorts (some of which were from high school, and the only reason they still fit me was because the elastic was snapped on all of them. Not a pretty image, eh?), an old raggedy tee, and hit the sand.


I finally joined a gym with Parker (my husband) shortly before our wedding, because that’s what all my other engaged friends were doing and I felt the peer pressure. They called it “shedding for the wedding” or “the bridal Barbie diet.” Every time we would get ready to go, I would secretly freak out on the inside about being judged by everyone there who knew what they were doing. You know who I’m talking about…the ones who walk around and immediately know how to use every single machine, or are running uphill with the resistance all the way up and their makeup and hair still looking super perfect. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, it’s probably you.

Anyways, I would hold in my complaints until we got through about 10 minutes of working out every time. Ya know, just to give Parker time to warm up and brace himself for the “I look so gross” speech. And usually he would just listen and ignore it or tell me to go run on the treadmill. But one day, ONE DAYYYYY, he finally spoke up. He said something along the lines of, “Lauren! If you really feel like your workout clothes are that ugly, go buy new ones that match! You’ll feel a lot better and I won’t have to listen to your complaining anymore.” Okaaaaayyyy. Touche’.

Did I do that? No. We were planning a wedding and work out clothes are super $$$, plus, I had no time to search for that stuff! So instead, while he would go to the gym, I’d just stay at my apartment and run a few miles on the beach in my gnarly gear. I let the old dirty clothes win.

Fast forward one year. We live in California now, but I have no beach in my backyard. So one day, Parker comes home with a free, year-long membership to a nearby gym. He already belongs to a CrossFit gym (which I kept saying I’d try with him, but the 6:00am class time along with all the scary people who look like they could throw me across the room turned me off to that), so he wasn’t going to use it.

This free pass sat on my desk for, oh, I’d say about 4 months. Then, one day, I was perusing the aisles of Nordstrom Rack and something really cute and bright caught my eye. It was a work out tank. AHHHH! Instead of running away immediately, I looked at the tag. I’m not kidding you, this thing was $13! Then I spotted some pants. Cute…and only $25, but I’m sure they will fit weird. So I tried the little outfit on, and my goodness, the pants were so flipping comfortable! The whole entire outfit together made me feel cute. I figured even if I don’t go to the gym, I can wear this around the house and stuff to make it LOOK like I went to the gym. So, on the way back from the fitting rooms, I spotted some cute Nike’s, then I bought them because they were a pretty great deal too. Ugh, I gotta get outta this store!


I wore this outfit around for about 3 days. It’s the exact aqua tank, grey sports bra, grey leggings, and Nike’s shown above. I know that sounds super unsanitary, but it made me feel so great! Every night when Parker got home, he would say, “Oh you worked out today, huh? (winky face)” because he knows all my tricks and secrets. Finally, this got to me. So, I reluctantly took the pass, and one day, all by myself, went to sign up for the gym. Walking in there was still scary, but I’m not kidding you, I actually get up off my butt and go now! I know this whole entire thing is so silly, but if you’re like me and can’t get motivated to get off your rump and get goin’, maybe this will work for you, too! 

Since this revelation, I have found SO MANY cute and affordable things to work out in!

IMG_4579This one is Olive’s fave.


Most of the items I’ve found are from Nordstrom Rack, because they have really great prices but don’t compromise quality. I’ve seen some great stuff at T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s, too, but have not tried any of their brands on, and fit is everything when it comes to workout clothes. I have a couple things from Forever21 that I don’t ever wear to the gym, because the pants get all stretched out while I’m running and the sports bras get all warped in the wash and are itchy.

gym bag

Ok, this post ended up being a lot longer and crazier than I thought it would. BUT, lastly, I cannot believe how many cutesy running shoes there are out there. They are way too expensive, so if y’all ever see any of them for a good price, let me know ASAP! Here are my faves!!!nikes

In addition to this, I need some gym music recommendations. If you’ve got ’em, leave ’em here please! Thrift on!


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